Launching a product is never an easy or simple task, and it can potentially be a “make-or-break” moment for a company. When done right, a successful product launch can result in an increase in sales, customers, exposure and a better bottom line; however, if a company gets it wrong, the negative impact can be lasting or even permanent.

Don’t let a sub-par product launch control the future of your company. Instead, take a step back, establish  a plan and don’t shy away from asking for help from the professionals. We have a number of successful product launches under our belt, so the Voxus team knows a thing or two about how to guarantee your launch goes smoothly and gets the attention it deserves.

Top tips to follow

Instead of running the risk of falling on your face, follow these top three tips to ensure a successful launch:

1. Build a sticky story

Creating a story for your announcement is easy; however, crafting a story that press representatives will care about is much more vital to your PR success. Step outside your field of view, stop “drinking your own Kool-Aid” and put yourself in the shoes of your target readers to deliver a press release that speaks to a larger audience. Go beyond hooking the press with a newsworthy story and offer all the elements that will make it as easy as possible to cover the news, such as supporting data for references, customers to interview and product images and graphics to include with the article.

2. Fight on multiple fronts

There’s more than one way to reach out to the press, and we recommend utilizing multiple tactics to guarantee that you’re connecting with your contacts and getting the word out. Press folks receive hundreds of emails a day, so don’t stop with a single note and complete a number of follow up calls as well. A non-traditional approach you might try is to connect with your key press representatives through social media. If you chose this path, it’s important to note that you should always follow and interact with these contacts to build a rapport before sending a tweet or a message about your announcement.

3. A little push goes a long way

Once you’ve connected and completed press briefings and recognized which contacts are interested in the news, work to keep them accountable for producing an article. Continue to follow up and offer to help get any required additional information. But this is time to be blunt, so ask if he or she is planning to cover the news. You could also offer to sweeten the pot with an exclusive piece of data or high-profile customer interview.

Real world results

How are these tips applied in the real world? Voxus recently completed a big launch for NetMotion Software. The company announced a product update that provided benefits to its broad enterprise and field service markets, but also offered specific benefits unique to the first responder/public safety community. To capture that sticky story for all press contacts, we recommended creating two press releases so that the product messaging could be tailored to each audience. The team also continued outreach after the news hit to guarantee that the over 30 press contacts reviewing the information would cover the news. This junkyard dog approach enabled Voxus to parlay those press interactions into at least 20 pieces of coverage in multiple verticals. Examples of coverage:

There’s no doubt that timing PR to  product launches are a great way to help attract new leads and attention to your company. But it’s important to plan ahead, pay attention to details, find an amazing story, and commit time to pitching and following up with your target press representatives. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count.