Local media coverage is a powerful tool for driving customer awareness. Yet, it’s common for it to slip down the priority list in favor of high profile national news hits; however, with a little planning and regular maintenance, companies can strike the right balance. The opportunity? Winning customers in your own backyard by showing them you’re accessible, forward-thinking and rooted by common ground.

Coverage in local media outlets reminds customers that you:

Are in close proximity

Some buyers have a bias for local vendors because they believe sales discussions can happen more quickly and conveniently. Similarly, so can implementations and tune-ups. A story on banking company Simple’s expansion into Seattle in Geekwire is a great example of how to introduce yourself to new neighbors.

Have an honorable mission

Local profile stories also give companies a chance to spotlight the great work of their people. Robi Ganguly, CEO of Seattle startup Apptentive, was recently profiled in the Seattle Times. Hearing from this founder directly about how a road trip led to his startup idea is certainly going to be unique and memorable for the reader.

Take pride in your community 

Similarly, it’s helpful for prospects to hear about the “good” you do. Whether that be for your local tech community or the neighborhoods that surround it ,or both. This piece on King5 discusses how the Seattle tech community, including Bryan Copley of CityBldr and Brett Greene of New Tech Northwest, are coming together to fight homelessness.

Getting back on the radar of your local media targets is easy. You can move forward by identifying the writers in your area that matter. Start by reading their articles and following them on social media. Take note what makes them tick. Note that local writers can be bombarded with pitches and be difficult to reach; therefore, it’s important to craft a compelling story angle and follow up.

It’s a bonus that the same coverage that attracts new customers is also going to help raise your profile with potential partners, investors and talent. Get going today and good luck!