Over the last few years, PR practitioners, at least the good ones, have stolen content production as a communications tactic from marketers. In the process, the PR industry may have ignored a salient point: creating compelling content is hard…and often expensive to produce. It should have set off alarms when marketers failed to put up a fight to defend their content territory. It didn’t, and now we own it, for good or bad.

In our search for greater meaning regarding all things content, the Voxus PR team members often hold internal discussions to ensure everyone is on the same page during the pre-production, production and post production of content. It’s not a standardized procedure because that type of tactic stifles creativity, the key driver in producing killer content. Rather, we simply lunch and learn from one another.

This slideshow is a good example of one of these discussions. ebooks are hardly new to the world of content – we get that, but it is very easy to produce ebooks that miss the mark for whatever reason and don’t engage with their intended audience(s). So, think of this ebook presentation as a checklist. Simply follow it to stay organized and keep those creative juices flowing to achieve the proper results.