Are you the Internet of Things (IoT) expert at your company? Do you have an interesting IoT use case to share? Are you itching to tell your digital twins or IT/OT convergence tales? Then look no further than IoT podcasts!

Podcasts aren’t a new concept, but they are gaining in popularity for tech companies looking for more thought leadership opportunities. Last year, we shared the top five tech podcasts to add to your PR program. Now, in no particular order, we offer you the top five podcasts that will make you look like an IoT superstar.

Industrial IoT Spotlight

The Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast shines a light on Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions that are impacting businesses today. Every week, host Erik Walenza interviews an expert about IIoT markets, technologies, or use cases. The goal is to provide insight into the planning and implementation of IIoT systems, from new business models to technology architecture selection to data ownership and security.

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IoT Time with Ken

Hosted by editorial director of IoT Evolution, Ken Briodagh, IoT Time with Ken focuses on the most interesting, innovative, and important topics in IoT.

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IoT Product Leadership

On IoT Product Leadership, host Daniel Elizalde interviews product leaders on what it takes to launch IoT products into the market. Previous guests include leaders from some of the top companies working on IoT today, including Microsoft, Samsung, Cisco, and IBM.

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The Internet of Things Podcast

Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel co-host The Internet of Things Podcast, where they discuss the latest news and analysis of consumer, industrial, and enterprise IoT. Guests have included leaders from Amazon, AT&T, IBM Watson, and more.

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The Peggy Smedley Show

Broadcasting live every week, The Peggy Smedley Show is where host Peggy Smedley and her featured guest discuss the IoT technology making an impact across industries, including healthcare, transportation, smart cities, infrastructure, and security.

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