When ridesharing met roadside assistance, Voxus helped elevate Agero and Lyft’s new alternative transportation service sparking a flood of media coverage.

69 million drivers – one in three – will experience a vehicle breakdown each year and roughly half will require a tow. To get drivers back on the road, the leading provider of driver assistance services, Agero, and ride-hailing company, Lyft, partnered on a revolutionary transportation option for consumers requiring a tow. This new partnership provides a complementary Lyft ride from the disablement location, repair shop or dealership, to a customer’s home or other destination. Agero tasked Voxus with raising awareness around this amazing new partnership and service by securing media coverage in automotive, insurance, business and consumer publications. The question was how to best get media to care?

Modernizing Roadside Assistance

The Voxus strategy was threefold:

1. Use data to show that breakdowns requiring a tow are surprisingly frequent.

2. Leverage timely interest in competition among the top two ride-hailing providers (Lyft and Uber).

3. Show that this was an innovative, industry-first solution to transform, modernize and streamline the roadside assistance experience.

75+ Articles on Exciting Partner News

For automotive and insurance publications, where Agero already had strong brand equity, Voxus leveraged established relationships to position the news as an innovation that increases customer satisfaction and drives brand affinity. For business and consumer publications unfamiliar with Agero, Voxus “flipped the script” to emphasize the buzz around Lyft and the scale of roadside breakdowns.

Following several weeks of aggressive media pitching and interviews, the announcement went live and media coverage came flooding in. Voxus secured 79 pieces of original media coverage ranging from top tier business and consumer publications like Forbes, Reuters, Business Insider, CNBC, New York Times, and U.S. News & World Report, to insurance and automotive publications like WardsAuto, Auto Remarketing and Insurance Innovation Reporter. Thanks to the media coverage and buzz, Agero even started receiving inquiries from its current clients to learn more about the Lyft service and the possibility of signing up for the program.

About Agero: Agero’s mission is to safeguard consumers on the road through a unique combination of platform intelligence and human powered solutions. Agero is a leading provider of driving solutions, including roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs and telematics. Agero responds to over 12 million assistance requests annually.