This year’s RSA Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco once again offered dazzling displays, cutting-edge technology, and cool tchotchke. If fears of coronavirus kept you off the show floor, never fear, Voxus braved the masses to bring you 8 cool sights from the show. 

1. WatchGuard’s Pedicabs – WatchGuard Technologies may not have had a booth at this year’s RSA Conference, but they made up for it by partnering with Starbucks for free coffee, having free food trucks outside the show, and shuttling people to and from locations in sweet branded pedicabs. Want the true pedicab experience? Check out this very cool video with ChannelPro Network’s Editor Rich Freeman talking security in a pedicab with WatchGuard’s CTO Corey Nachreiner, in “People in Pedicabs with Security Experts.”

2. KnowBe4’s Movie Theater – If you’re a fan of the movies, then the KnowBe4 RSA Conference booth with the screening of ‘The Inside Man,’ the company’s original video series that delivers security awareness education, was a must see. Lots of folks filed in to sit, watch, and even get a bag of popcorn. 

A look at the KnowBe4 movie theater booth.

3. SentinelOne’s Eye-Catching Setup – For most people at the RSA Conference, SentinelOne’s booth was hard to miss. The setup was extremely elaborate, with neon-purple lighting, sleek demo screens and consoles, and comfortable guest seating. The visual wow-factor alone seemed to keep a steady flow of traffic.

Winning the award for most expensive digital displays, wow.

4. SkySync’s DeLorean – Who doesn’t like seeing a DeLoran? Well, at SkySync’s booth you could go Back to the Future. The famous Hollywood vehicle served as a draw to attendees looking for a photo op, but also provided the company with an easy opportunity to explain how their “ACT to the Future” theme helps enterprises access, classify, and take action on files wherever they are.

The only thing missing was Martin Sheamus McFly.

5. Cash Prize for a CTF Contest Unisys went with a simple and effective cash prize contest to draw attendees to their RSA Conference booth. But with one catch: participants had to try to compromise a system that was being protected by Unisys’ Stealth security system. This was a cool way to show how confident the company is in its offerings, as well as how open to ethical hacking and infosec collaboration they are. Still TBD on if anyone beat their solution and won the prize money.

Who doesn’t like a challenge?

6. Microsoft’s Escape Room – While vendors like Verizon and IBM were absent from the RSA Conference due to coronavirus risks, Microsoft was drawing crowds of attendees to participate in its VR escape room booth. These sorts of experiential booths were a buzz at the show. Microsoft’s escape room was designed as a fun way to show attendees how its security solutions could integrated with AI and machine learning to help organizations safeguard data, devices, apps and people.

There is no escape…

7. NetSkope’s Arcade Game Gimmick – Two things people love are puns and arcade games. NetSkope capitalized on this by featuring a game of “Whack-a-Threat” at their RSA Conference booth. Participants entered their name for a chance to win prizes, and overall the gimmick served to get people pulled into demos, research presentations and more.

Would you like to play a game.

8. IBM’s Brilliant “Booth” – Although many were shocked that IBM pulled out of the RSA Conference, attendees were pleased to see that the company chose to make use of its massive booth space by outfitting it with a bunch of couches. Signs read: “Enjoy this scan-free zone, compliments of IBM Security.” Knowing that beleaguered conference goers are constantly looking for an escape from highly assertive badge scanners, this was a clever way to get attendees’ attention.

We’re here but not here.