Ever heard of the book called Eat This, Not That which encourages better food decisions? This concept can be applied to the PR world, too. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do: swap out a poor-performing activity with something fresh that will deliver a higher ROI. I’ve collected a few of these upgrades we’ve used to help new clients in 2016. Keep reading to make sure you’re considering these healthier PR activities in the year ahead.

Do a blog post, not a press release

The press release should be reserved for something truly groundbreaking. Announcing every new product feature, new office or executive can bore reporters who will come to think your business has nothing substantial to share. You also don’t typically get your investment (drafting, wiring costs, etc.) back. Press releases are also not SEO gold like they used to be.

Smaller announcements are best served to audiences via a blog post. Blog posts provide a targeted and cost-effective approach for sharing your news. Point to it on social and send the link to press (or other stakeholders) with a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Special price, free report downloads and other enticing offers will encourage more clicks.

Press can still treat the piece as “news” if you want to do some pre-pitching. Just be sure to set a specific embargo date, and have images and a spokesperson press-ready like you would for a traditional release.

Do an exclusive offer, not a pitch blast

One meaty article from a key reporter can sometimes hold a lot more value than a bunch of shallow write-ups by several sources. One way to get a longer or more in-depth piece is to let the writer know that they have the exclusive offer to speak with story sources, look at data and write his or her story first. This special offer is usually rewarded with a higher quality piece. This is a win for the writer who on launch day is the only one with the scoop. And a win for your business because an influential press person is sharing your story with all of their followers.

Coordinating an exclusive can also require less budget and time than it does to cast a wide net. A high profile customer or first-of-its kind product integration are a good fit for this approach.

Do a video, not a photo post

Video has become one of the most popular content types on websites and on social. Video posts on Facebook have a 135 percent greater organic reach than a photo post. And having video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. Not convinced? Swap out photos where they would normally be with video and measure the results to be sure.

Good video can be done in-house. It’s likely someone on the marketing team has this experience or wants to gain the skill.

Swapping out old approaches with a healthier option may be just what you need to reach your goals in 2017. Make a plan to make focused changes each quarter and build on successes over time. Live video will be an exciting challenge once you’ve seen your pre-recorded videos drive up engagement!