A lot happened in 2017, and now is the time of year to reflect on past events and plan for what’s to come! Here is a countdown of the top 10 Voxus PR blog posts—the most clicked, shared and read blog posts from our talented team.

10. Social platforms move to curb fake news

The 2016 US presidential election took many observers by storm. From the primaries to the general election, surprises emerged that flipped many previously-held notions on their heads. Another surprise was the propagation of fake news. Companies like Google and Facebook are taking steps to limit the spread of misinformation.

9. 31 days of public relations lessons

Too often we get asked, what do PR people actually do? This blog post attempts to answer that by chronicling 31 days of PR activities by one of our program executives.

8. Black History Month: The great African-Americans in tech

In 2016, Hidden Figures made waves with it’s portrayal of three African-American women that not only made a difference at NASA during the 1960s but also in America’s history. This blog posts celebrates those women and many others in tech, recognizing 2017’s Black History Month and several African Americans who made incredible contributions to technology.

7. How and why to ebook

Ebooks are hardly new to the world of content – we get that, but it is very easy to produce ebooks that miss the mark for whatever reason and don’t engage with their intended audience(s). So the tips presented in this post can be seen as a checklist. Simply follow it to stay organized and keep those creative juices flowing to achieve the best results.

6. Upstream Fest review – the impact of blockchain and brand leasing on piracy

A few of our team members were lucky enough to attend Upstream, Seattle’s answer to Austin’s South by Southwest. Read on to learn about key takeaways and the impact of blockchain and brand leasing on piracy.

5. Product reviews a home run for newly-available Rapsodo Baseball

Voxus had the pleasure of announcing tech client Rapsodo’s incredibly affordable MLB-grade pitch analysis solution. When Rapsodo launched the product for purchase, Voxus partnered with the team on an outreach campaign that generated some stellar product review results.

4. Blendle review: paying for news per article

Changes in technology in the past decade has fundamentally changed the way we consume media. This blog post reviews the product of a new startup aiming to monetize the way we currently consume news and news articles: pay per read. Would you try this service out? Read the blog post to learn more about the startup and its offering.

3. 3.14 things I’ve learned as a Voxus intern

This blog post (published on Pi Day!) recounts a few things Robyn Posey learned as a Voxus intern.

2. Why your brand should start building Alexa skills now

Considering building an Alexa skill? We recommend you do it sooner rather than later! This blog post outlines why the time is now to embrace Alexa and subsequent skills as a form of brand strategy and marketing.

1. Why Millennials don’t like climbing proverbial mountains

And you’ve made it to our top post of the year! It’s a short commentary, inspired by one of the more popular videos of the year by Simon Sinek, discussing the patience of millennials and the true time it takes to make an impact.